How to create a multiple page menu

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Some projects may need multiple menus, a menu with multiple pages, or both. This document will describe when to use each menu style.

Multiple Menus

Multiple menus are generally used to divide project content into categories. For example, on many commercial DVDs there are several options from the main menu. Common options are Play, Special Features, and Scene Selection. The Special Features and Scene Selection would be represented in separate menus. In Studio it works the same way. The first menu would have a link to the first clip of the project. Other buttons would be created to link to other menus for additional content. Each additional menu can link to specific content that might not be desirable to link directly to from the main menu.

Multi-page Menus

Multi-page menus are used when there are too many chapters to fit onto a single menu page. For example, a menu page may appear too cluttered with 12 chapters displayed. It might be better to use a menu with 3 pages using 4 buttons on each page. A common use of multi-page menus is Scene Selection menus. There are often too many scenes in a project to fit onto a single page.

Here are links to a couple of video tutorials to help with learning how to create menus:

Disc Authoring: Basic

Disc Authoring: Advanced


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