Pinnacle Studio 16 is incorrectly identified as a trial version after installing the full version

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In some cases after installing a paid version of Studio 16 it may be incorrectly identified as a trial version. This may happen if you had a Studio 16 Trial installed before installing a paid version of Pinnacle Studio 16. To resolve the problem try the following steps:
  1. Launch Studio 16.
  2. Go to Help (?) > Activate & Register Product
  3. Enter your Studio 16 serial number and click Register. Follow any on-screen prompts.
  4. Close Studio 16 and then relaunch it. Verify that it is now a full version

If you received this error referencing FeatureID 653670 after attempting to purchase the full version, it is possible that you did not receive a serial number:

In this case, you must contact the support team to assist in solving the problem. Click here to contact support. Once you receive a serial number, please follow the above steps.


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