How to trim a clip before adding it to a project

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Studio has an option to trim an audio or video clip before it is added to the project. This can reduce edits that need to be done after a clip has been added.

To trim the clip, select the clip in the Library, and move the orange calipers on the preview timescale to mark the start and end point of the clip you want to add. The calipers are shown below in the red squares. You can also move the preview window scrubber and use the Mark In/Out controls shown in the green square in the bottom-right of the preview window. Lastly, you can Clear all Mark In/Out changes by clicking the Clear Marker button shown in the yellow box.

Once you have the In and Out points defined, you can add the trimmed clip to the project timeline by clicking the Send to Timeline button in the lower-left of the preview window:


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