Stereoscopic 3D Display options in Pinnacle Studio 16

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Stereoscopic 3D Display options in Pinnacle Studio 16

There are multiple ways to preview a 3D project. How you preview the content depends on what kind of equipment you have. The methods are:

Anaglyph Display

An Anaglyph stereoscopic preview is suitable for viewing with red-cyan stereoscopic glasses, with no additional hardware support required. Pinnacle Studios anaglyphic display works well even for images with a lot of red, thanks to a method very similar to the optimized anaglyphs technique described at:

Stereoscopic Display using NVIDIA 3D Vision

This stereoscopic mode is available with many NVidia graphics cards after the 3D Vision feature has been enabled in your NVidia configuration utility. Please verify on the following web sites, if your system is compatible with 3D Vision.

3D Vision:
3D Vision Pro:
3DTV Play:

Please note that when using 3DTV play you need to manually switch your screen settings to a 3D modein case of 3D Vision, Studio will trigger the change automatically when you select the appropriate display modes.

In the event of display issues with 3D display, please check whether or not you run latest NVIDIA driver. Driver version 301.42 or newer is required. Run the NVIDIA 3D setup wizard which you can find in the NVIDIA control panel. Additionally please check whether you can properly run NVIDIAs photo viewer (part of 3D Vision installation) with Preview in Window activated.

Stereoscopic Display on 3D TV

Pinnacle Studio provides an alternative way to 3DTV Play to display 3D content on your 3D capable television. Many 3D TVs allow for the option to manually set the stereoscopic input. If your TV allows you to select Side-By-Side as 3D input format you are usually able to watch 16:9 timelines on your TV.
To activate the mode attach your TV as a secondary display and configure Studio to display full screen on your second display. Switch your TV to Side-By-Side mode, select 3D TV (Side-By-Side) as display mode inside Studio and then press the full screen button to preview.

To enable preview on an external monitor in Studio select Setup > Control Panel. In Control Panel select Preview. In the Preview settings select the Show External-Preview on pull-down and choose Second Monitor. Finally, on the Player, click the Full Screen button.


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