No Preview In Pinnacle Studio 19

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If you are getting no preview in Pinnacle Studio 19, this information should help.
1. In Pinnacle Studio's Control Panel, use the 'Reset' option, close Studio and Reopen
Or, manually reset via these steps:
  • Close Studio.  Press Windows + R keys together to get Run command box. 
  • In the available field type (or copy and paste) %localappdata% and press Enter key.
  • Rename the Pinnacle folder to Pinnacle.old and Pinnacle_Studio_19 folder to Pinnacle_Studio_19.old
  • Start Studio 19 
2. Install DirectX
Download and install Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010):
  • Run 'directx_Jun2010_redist.exe' and extract contents to a folder on your Desktop. Open the folder and run DXSETUP.exe to install DirectX.
  • Once installed, restart the PC.
3. For users with Intel Skylake processors, install the latest Intel Graphics Driver:
4. If none of the above steps help, please replace some files as outlined in steps below:
Close Pinnacle Studio 19
Backup:  Many files will be replaced, so we recommend to backup these folders before overwriting contents with new files. 
    • Open C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 19\ and save backups of the folders
    • \Programs
    • \Plugins
Download the new files:
Unzip, and copy the files in \Plugins and \Programs to their respective directories
Open Studio 19.

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