How to tell if Scorefitter Volumes are properly installed in Studio

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After installing any of the add-on Scorefitter volumes, the newly added Songs will be available in the Scorefitter tool. You can access the Scorefitter tool in the Movie or Disc editor by clicking the “Create Song (CTRL+7)” clef button toward the top-left of the timeline. By default the songs from additional Scorefitter volumes will not be listed in the Library. If you want any of these new Scorefitter songs added to the library, select Save As in the Scorefitter tool and save the desired song/version.

If you want to confirm that the new volumes are installed, here are the Category and Song listings for each volume:

Scorefitter Volume 1

Stingers: Cloud Dust, Evolution, Comedy, and Sentimental

World: Parisian Travels, Pure Paradise, Trekking, Across India, and World Island

Inspirational: Dawn of a New Day, Outdoor Breeze, Tranquil Times, Together, and Sunshine

Scorefitter Volume 2

Ambient: Wonder, Epic, Suspense, Drama, High Energy, and Sweetly Remembering

Ethnic: Heart of China, Sombreros, Pacific Island, and Deep Africa

Electronica: Electrodelux, Game Day

Film/TV: Dreams of Olympia, The Grand Entrance, and Xtreme Challenges

Scorefitter Volume 3

World: Beautiful Orient, Blue Lagoon, Greek Adventures, Native Highlands, Old Time Cowboy, Americana, Jamaican Spirit, Tribal Culture, Brazilian Nights, Spanish Streets, Reggae, Travel Atmospheres


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