Error launching Studio Pinnacle Studio Plus has detected that your display adapter cannot be used for 3D video acceleration

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This message will give information on your graphics card and a web address where you most likely can get the most current driver.

Pinnacle suggests that users always have the most current graphics card driver installed. By doing so, you are minimizing possible performance problems in Studio. If you get this message, you most likely will also get messages later on that your graphics drivers are out of date.

We recommend that you:

Download and install the most current version of your graphics card’s driver.

If your system is pre-built, i.e. a Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM, Compaq, etc. we recommend you go to the computer manufacturer's web site to get all of your computers hardware updates. Otherwise go to the graphics card vendor's web site for the driver update listed in your error message.

If after updating the graphics card driver, the message still occurs and Studio is having performance problem, then we suggest upgrading your graphics card to a current model.


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