Pinnacle Studio: Rendering hangs during Export in Pinnacle Studio

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If Pinnacle Studio hangs during Export without an error, this FAQ should help.

Step 1: Make sure it is really hung and not still working

Rendering can take a long time; make sure that there is really no progress being made by waiting a few extra minutes.


Step 2: Update

Please make sure that you have the latest version of Studio installed.


Step 3: Lower the bitrate

 If you are using a custom preset for export, you may have raised the bitrate.  Try lowering the bitrate and attempt to export again.


Step 4: End Background Tasks

It is important with this type of problem to unload any background processes when using Studio.

First, restart your computer.

If you are using Windows 7 or 8 or 10 you can hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and then the Task Manager button. You likely will not see much under the Applications tab, but if you click on the Processes tab, it will display a list of what is running.

Also, Click here to go to the FAQ that describes how to shut down extra background processes.


Step 5: Try another project

Try making a new project using the sample footage that came with Studio.  If this is successful, the problem may have something to do with your specific project.  This can be hard to determine.  A good place to start is to look at areas of your project with effects added to it.  Try changing or removing the effect to see if it helps.


Step 6: Try a different format

If you are creating a file, try creating a different file format.  For example, if you are creating an AVI file, try creating an MPEG2 file and see if that works.


Step 7: Update graphics driver 

Make sure you have installed latest graphics driver from its manufacturer website.


Step 8: Windows Updates

Make sure latest Windows updates are installed

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