Error - '...Studio.exe is not a valid previous version...'

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When installing a patch, a user may get an error that "The file C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio Programs\Studio.exe is not a valid previous version and could not be upgraded." This could happen if the Studio.exe file has become corrupt

1. UNINSTALL STUDIO: Click on Start ->Programs -> Studio -> Uninstall. Follow any on-screen instruction to complete the process.

2.Download and run Regdelete . In the Regdelete pull-down window select Studio Version and then click the "Clean" button.This program deletes Pinnacle entries to your registry. We use this in case the uninstaller left any entries behind.

3. REINSTALL STUDIO FROM YOUR CD: Insert your Studio CD and reinstall the software.

4. DOWNLOAD AND APPLY THE MOST STUDIO CURRENT PATCH: In Studio, click on the Help pulldown menu, then click on Software Updates. If you need there is a more current version of Studio available, you will be asked to download it.

After you have successfully downloaded the patch, double-click on the patch file (in the folder you downloaded it to) and it will update Studio to the latest version.

Important Note: If you have a DV or Digital 8 camcorder connected to a 1394 card, make sure that the firewire cable is unplugged from your camcorder and that you have exited Studio before you apply the patch.


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