DVDs created by Studio do not play back or appear blank

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If you have a problem with DVD's created by Studio not playing back, these steps will help to resolve that issue. This FAQ assumes that you have put the DVD into either:

1. a set-top DVD player and the DVD is not playing (there may be an error on the display panel of the DVD player)


2. a DVD drive on your computer and it won't play

If one of these two applies to your situation, then skip down to the section called "Troubleshooting step for DVDs..", otherwise, you may have a different DVD playback issue so read the FAQ's below that may be more appropriate to your particular issue.

"Discs burned with Studio have no sound", click here to read this FAQ

"Disc created with Studio does not contain changes made in the project", click here to read this FAQ

Troubleshooting step for DVDs created by Studio that do not play back or appear blank

1. Check the disc for cleanliness. Ensure that there are no obvious smudges or scratches on the disc surface. If the disc is dirty, clean it with a soft cloth by wiping the DVD from the center of the disc to the outside edge. Never clean in a circular motion.

2. Insert the DVD into a DVD drive on the computer.

There should be two folders on the DVD. These folders are AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. The AUDIO_TS folder should be empty. The VIDEO_TS folder should contain .BUP, .IFO, and .VOB files. If there are files on the disc, then Studio burned the DVD, and this is definately a playback issue.

If the disc is in fact blank, there is a burn problem rather than a playback problem . In this case, follow the instructions in the FAQ on burn problems in Studio. Click here to see the FAQ on burn problems in Studio.

3. Try playing back the DVD on the computer. The disc should play back with DVD player software such as PowerDVD and WinDVD. Windows Media Player (WMP) may not play DVD's, and whether it does, depends on your version of Windows.

4. If the DVD will not play on your set-top DVD player, then we recommend that you try to play it on other set-top DVD players. Some DVD players may not play a certain brand of DVD or a certain DVD media format (i.e. -R, +R, -RW or +RW).

Make sure that the DVD player will play the type of media being used. Check with the DVD player manufacturers website to see what disc formats it supports. Another good place to check for compatibility is:

User-added image

If you are only working with NTSC footage, but your project is set to PAL, you may have selected the "Use this format for new projects" option seen above and selected a PAL format. Make sure that you have "Set from first clip added to project" selected and purposely add a clip with the desired format to the project first, or alternately you can select "Use this format for new projects" and select a format that is appropriate for your region.


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