How do I add CD music to my Studio project

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Note: You may wish to first create your project. In Edit mode, lay down the clips you want to add to your project and complete any necessary edits and transitions to the video. Insert titles, if needed.

1. Select the CD(s) you wish to use for background music.

2. Change your view of the Timeline to Timeline View.

3. Put your CD in your CD-ROM.

4. Go to the audio Toolbox > Add CD Music

5. If the CD has not been used before, a box will appear that prompts for the CD to be given a title. Type the title of your CD and press OK.

6. Next, the screen showing the CD title and a pull-down listing of the CD tracks is displayed. Select the track that you would like to add to the project.

7. Use the scrubber to indicate on the timeline in the Music Track where you want the CD music to begin in your project. Click Add to Movie in the Edit box. Studio will now capture the audio and add it to the project.

8. There are 2 ways to trim the audio clip:
a) Directly on the timeline
b) With the Audio Trim tool

9. If you wish to add a second song from the same CD, repeat the above steps, selecting a new track and adding it. If you wish to add a second or additional songs from additional CDs, again repeat the above steps.

Another way you can bring in CD audio is to convert the music on the CD to MP3 files. There are several programs that allow you to do this. Windows includes one for free buily into Windows Media player. For more information on how to use Windows Media player to rip MP3 files, see the help file that comes with Windows Media player.

Once the CD Audio has been ripped to MP3 follow these steps.

  1. From the album click on the sound effects tab. It looks like a speaker.
  2. Hit the folder icon in the album and browse to the location of your MP3 files.
  3. Click on the file you want to use and hit open. The album will show all the MP3 files in the folder now.
  4. Drag the MP3 files you want to use down to the timeline.


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