Error launching Instant DVD Recorder 'Input standard was detected to be PAL and was set accordingly.'

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If you are in a PAL country (most European countries), just click the OK button and use Instant DVD Recorder.

If you are in an NTSC country, some video sources (VCR, analog camcorder, etc.) may need to be plugged into the DVC 120 and video playing for Instant DVD Recorder to properly detect the video standard when the program is launched.

If you get this message and you are in North America, then you should:

1. Shut down Instant DVD Recorder
2. Rewind the tape in your camcorder or VCR, then press play.
3. Launch Instant DVD Recorder.

An alternative method is to:

1. Rewind the tape in your camcorder or VCR, then press play.
2. While running Instant DVD Recorder, set the video standard. Whether you are using the Wizard or Advanced mode the process is the same. When you get to Step 2, Select a video source, make sure the source is set to Instant Video Album Plus and then click on the Options button. In the Video source windows that appears, change the Video Standard to NTSC, then click OK

To avoid this message in the future, make sure a video source (VCR, analog camcorder, etc.) is plugged into the DVC 120 and the play button has been press on the video source.


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