Instant DVD Recorder Burn Problems

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Use this FAQ to troubleshoot any problems where Instant DVD Recorder is failing during the process of burning the DVD.

  1. Restart Instant DVD Recorder: Shut down Instant DVD Recorder, and then re-launch it.
  2. Restart the Computer: Shut down Instant DVD Recorder, and then restart the computer. Launch Instant DVD Recorder and try to create the DVD again.
  3. Background Tasks: Make sure that you are not running extra tasks in the background. Make sure there are not too many extra background processes running that may interfere.
  4. Media:
    • BLANK MEDIA IN THE DRIVE: Make sure that there is a blank, write-once media or rewriteable media in the DVD burner.
    • TYPE OF DVD: Make sure that your DVD burner supports the media you use. As for any problem with burning a DVD, we recommend customer use rewriteable media to reduce the number of wasted DVDs when they have to troubleshoot a failure while burning DVDs. In this case, if you have only used rewriteable media, (RW) we would also recommend trying to use a write once (-/+ R) DVD and erasing the RW media.
    • BRAND OF DVD: Pinnacle recommends using a name brand of DVD, i.e. Sony, Apple, Memorex, etc. Also we recommend trying a DVD from a different manufacturer to see if the problem is related to the brand of DVD that is being used.

NOTE: Check with the following site to find information on the media being used:

  1. Get the Latest Firmware: Ensure that the DVD burner being used has the latest firmware update from the burner manufacturer.
  2. Check Disc Speed: Make sure that the disc media speed (printed on the media or on the media box) is compatible with the DVD burner. Some burners may not work with media that has a higher maximum supported burn speed. For example, if the burner being used supports 4x disc media, do not use 16x disc media.

NOTE: When troubleshooting all burn or playback issues, it is recommended to use rewritable media to avoid wasting discs.


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