Converting audio with Easy Media Creator 10

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Roxio Audio Converter is an assistant that allows you to convert audio tracks from one or more formats and sources (such as Audio CD, unencrypted DVD-Video disc, hard disk, or iPod) to your preferred audio file format.

1. Launch Easy Media Creator Home.

2. Click on the Audio tab in the Project Pane and then select Batch Converter.

3. In Roxio Audio Converter window, click the Add Tracks button. In the Media Selector dialog box, select the audio track(s) and click Add. When finished, click the Close button.

4. Click Convert.

5. Select Keep original files to keep the original source files.

Warning: If you do not select this option, the original files will be deleted.

6. In the Conversion settings box, choose the new audio file format. (For more options, click Edit.)

7. In the Target folder box, specify the location on the hard disk or network where you want to store the converted files.

8. Click Convert.


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