Resolving General Burning Issues

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Burning errors can happen for a variety of reasons. Roxio has found that doing the following steps resolves about 80% of all burning issues. Please give all these steps a try and see if it fixes your writing problems.


  1. Update your drive's firmware/drivers. Most companies regularly update their firmware and drivers.
  2. Enable DMA. Direct Memory Access enables better efficiency of data. For more info, check how to enable DMA.
  3. Your media. Check the following:
  4. The disc is clean and unused.
  5. The media is recommended by your burner's manufacturer or try a different brand, preferably a name brand, if you continue to have problems.
  6. Make sure that media (-R/+R, -/+RW, dual-layer compatibility) is supported by the burner by checking burner's manual or manufacturer's website. This is especially true for some Blu-Ray burners which do not support CD-R/RW media.
  7. Lower the write speed of your burner.
  8. If your burner is external, make sure it is connected directly to the computer via USB/Firewire and not a hub or other other device like a sound card.
  9. Update to the latest PX Engine. The PX Engine improves compatibility with newer burners on the market.
  10. A reinstall of the burner's drivers may also help.
  • Windows XP: Go to My Computer and choose Properties.
  • Windows Vista: Go to Start --> Control Panel --> System and Maintenance -->Device Manager.
  • Click on the Hardware tab.
  • Select Device Manager
  • Expand DVD/CD-ROM Drives, then select your burner and uninstall it by right -licking on it.
  • Reboot.


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