DVDit crashes or has other issues in simulation mode

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The program will crash in simulate mode for one of two reasons.

  1. Make sure that you are using files that meet the parameters of compatible files for your version of DVDit. You can find a complete list of files and their specifications in the Help File of DVDit (press F1).
  2. You're experiencing a codec or video related issue. Please refer to the below for troubleshooting.
    • Set the display properties to at least 1024x768, 16 bit color, 75Hz refresh rate.
    • Install the latest version of Quicktime.
    • Install the latest version of Internet Explorer.
    • Install the latest version of DirectX9.
    • Install the latest version of Windows Media Player 10. You can get this from Windows Updates.
    • Install the latest version of your graphics card drivers. These can be found on the manufacturer of your computer's website or the video card's website.
    • If you have Beyond TV installed, uninstall it and try again. If this resolves the issue, then download the latest version of Beyond TV.
    • If you have a Matrox system, disable WYSIWYG (the TV icon inthe sytem tray).


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