How to: Create a slideshow to watch on your TV set

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To create a slideshow:

1. Launch Toast.

2. Click the 'Video' tab in Toast

3. Select the type of slideshow you would like to create (VCD/SVCD/DVD)
DVD offers the most capacity, the best quality, and best player compatibility.
Video CD offers good capacity, good quality, and good player compatibility.
Super VCD offers the least capacity, better quality, but least player compatibility.

4. There are several ways to add files to a slideshow in Toast:
a. Click on the 'Add' button in the Toast window and select the files that you want to put in a slideshow
b. Drag the files from anywhere on your hard drive.
c. Drag directly from the iPhoto library.

5. When the files are selected you can edit the slideshow by clicking on the 'Edit' button.
The edit button allows you to change the slideshow properties and add more files to the slideshow.

6. When you are done, press the red record button at the bottom right hand side of the Toast window to begin recording. You can also use the Motion Pictures software application included with Toast 6 Titanium to quickly and easily turn your still photos into movies, with pan & zoom effects, and an audio soundtrack.
See the Toast 6 Titanium Software folder on your hard disk for the Motion Pictures software application.

Note: Creating a slideshow this way creates a true VCD/SVCD/DVD slideshow. Not all DVD players can play this type of slideshow back. If you are experiencing problems, try using a different disc format (e.g., switch from SVCD to VCD) or a different blank media type (e.g., different brand or CD-R vs CD-RW). You should also consult the DVD playerÕs manufacturer for assistance.


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