DVDit 6 crashes on launch

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In most cases, this error is caused by multiple drives (one or more burners or emulated drives) interfering with file that are required to load DVDit. Please follow these instructions:


  1. Save this file it to a location on your hard drive and then unzip it.
  2. Place the file vxblock.dll in this location on your hard drive: C:\Windows\System32.
  3. It should tell you that an existing version exists and ask if you would like to replace it. Select Yes.

    Note: If it doesn't say this then you're probably not saving it in the correct location. Search your hard drive for this file and replace it with this new version.
  4. Launch DVDit.

If this previous fix did not work, try disabling one of the drives.


  1. Right click on My Computer --> Properties
  2. Select the Hardware tab --> Device Manager and find the CD/DVD-ROM Drives section and expand it.
  3. If two drives are listed, right click on one and select to disable it.
  4. Launch DVDit

If that fails, or you do not have two drives, try these steps:


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