Installation of Creator 2009 rolls back with error message "000D" or "0012"

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Note: Before beginning, make sure if you have minimum freehard drive space requirements of 3 GB for Creator 2010 and 2 GB for Creator 2009.

1. Disable your startup applications using MSCONFIG. This will disable any unnecessary background or system tray applications from loading.

To reverse this at the end of installation, go back into MSCONFIG and select Enable All and restart (that can be done once installation is complete).
Note: Some anti virus/spyware programs may not be disabled using the steps listed above. You may need to check with your anti virus/spyware vendor on how to temporarily disable them.

2. If you are installing from a physical disc, please try to copy the content of the disc to a folder on your hard drive then install from the hard drive. To do this:

3. If you are installing from downloaded files, please follow the steps below to delete the temporary files then try to reinstall again.

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