How to define and edit audio tracks with CD Spin Doctor

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1. Launch CD Spin Doctor and record a new file or open a previously recorded AIFF file.

You will see a waveform - a graphical representation of the audio file. The peaks of the wave represent louder parts of the audio and the valleys represent quiet parts, including silence.

2. Import track by selecting Open previous audio file.

3. You will then see the file name list at the top of the window and music waves on the screen. Click on the waveform and hold down your mouse button and drag the pointer to the right.

4. Release the mouse button. You have now created 1 track which will be listed in the track list and it will be listed below.

5. Now go to end point of the track created and follow step 3 and define another track. You can keep on defining tracks as desired

Once tracks are defined you can also define by exact times by click on the get iInfo button at the bottom top of the screen. This is the icon button with the letter "I". From here you can define the exact start and stop points to the minute and seconds for each defined track to be more accurate.

You can also click on an existing track and use the Sync Start or Sync Stop choices in the Edit menu to set the start position of a track to the end of the prior track, or the end position of a track to the start of the next track.

6. Once all tracks are defined select File --> Save active tracks. A window will appear to save your files to a selected location. Select a location and press Save. Files will then appear in the select area.

You can also define/edit tracks automatically with the Auto-Define button at the top of the screen. This will scan the waveform and identify quiet parts and define those as tracks.


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