Complete uninstall instructions for Creator 2010 on Windows 7

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The following steps will completely remove any Roxio and Sonic software from your computer.


  1. Disable your startup applications using MSCONFIG. This will disable any unnecessary background or system tray applications from loading.

To reverse this at the end of installation, go back into MSCONFIG and select Enable All and restart (that can be done once installation is complete).

Note: Some anti-virus/spyware programs may not be disabled using the steps listed above. You may need to check with your anti-virus/spyware vendor on how to temporarily disable them.

2. Remove Creator 2010 through the Programs Control Panel.

3. For the step below you will need to show hidden files. This can be done by clicking Start -> My Computer then go up and click on Organize -> Folder and Search Options. Click on the View tab. Make sure show hidden foldersis selected and click Apply.

NOTE: When trying this step you may receive a message that a "file is in use". Simply drag that file to your desktop and it can be removed after restarting the computer. Also note that "Username" referred to below is the name you use when logging into Windows Vista.

Note: If you have never installed Roxio software prior to Creator 2010, you may not see some items to remove in this step.

C:\Program Data\Roxio
C:\Program Data\Sonic
C:\Program Files\Roxio
C:\Program Files\Roxio Creator 2010 (may include "Special Edition" or "Ultimate")
C:\Program Files(x86)\Roxio - (x64 bit systems only)
C:\Program Files(x86)\Roxio Creator 2010 (..) - x64
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sonic Shared
C:\\Program Files\Common Files\PX Storage Engine
C:\Users\Username\App Data\Local\RoxioCentralFXv
C:\Users\Username\App Data\Local\ Sonic_Solutions
C:\Users\Username\App Data\Roaming\Roxio
C:\Users\Username\App Data\Roaming\Sonic Solutions
C:\Users\Username\App Data\Roaming\Roxio Log Files
C:\Users\Username\App Data\Local\Roxio (x86/x64)

Empty the recycle bin once the steps above are completed.


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