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You may have removed the oceans.psd theme or changed the file incorrectly. Follow these steps to copy the default oceans.psd theme back into the Toast application:

  1. Insert your Toast 6 Titanium Install CD. If Toast is currently running, you should quit the application.
  2. Open the "Roxio Toast 6 Titanium" folder on the CD.
  3. Control-click on the "Toast 6 Titanium" icon and choose "Show Package Contents".
  4. Open "Contents", then "Resources", then "Themes". You will see a file named "ocean.psd".
  5. Click the "ocean.psd" file
  6. Click on "Edit" and select "Copy" ocean.psd.
  7. Close all folders and eject the Toast 6 Titanium Install CD
  8. Locate your version of Toast 6 Titanium that is on the hard drive
  9. Control-click on the Toast 6 Titanium icon and choose ÒShow Package ContentsÓ.
  10. Open ÒContentsÓ, then ÒResourcesÓ, then ÒThemesÓ.
  11. Click on "Edit" and "Paste item"
  12. Start Toast and create you video disc as you normally would.


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