Using TiVoToGo in Toast

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Enabling TiVoToGo

NOTE: Only Tivo branded series 2 DVRs are supported. Other DVR manufacturer's, such as DirectTV are not supported.

Toast users living where TiVo service is available will be prompted to enable TiVoToGo support in theToast Setup Assistant the first time they launch Toast.

To enable TiVo support at a later time, launch the Setup Assistant by selecting Toast Setup Assistantfrom the Help menu in Toast.

TiVo Transfer

To watch recorded shows or use them as part of a Toast project, you will need to transfer selected shows to your Mac. Once you've enabled TiVoToGo support in the Toast Setup Assistant, launch the TiVo Transfer application from your Toast 8 Titanium folder or from the Extras menu in Toast.

When you first launch TiVo Transfer, enter the Media Access Key for your TiVo. If you do not know your Media Access Key, you can find it at the website, or TiVo DVR.

Retrieving Your Media Access Key From

  1. Go to Manage My Account.
  2. Sign in using the e-mail address and password from your account.
  3. Click Media Access Key.


Retrieving Your Media Access Key From Your TiVo DVR:

  1. Go to TiVo Central.
  2. Select Messages & Settings.
  3. Select Account & System Information.
  4. Select Media Access Key.


After entering your Media Access Key, you'll see the main window of TiVo Transfer. From the menu at the left side of the window, choose from the following:

TiVo Recordings:
Displays all shows which have been transferred to your Mac and list show information including the recording date, file size and duration. You can preview shows through the Toast Video Player by double-clicking on a show or file.
Active Transfers:
Displays any active transfers from your TiVo to your Mac.
Auto Transfers:
Displays any active Auto transfers from your TiVo.
TiVo DVRs:
Lists any TiVo DVRs detected on your home network.

To transfer a show to your Mac:

  1. Launch TiVo Transfer.
  2. Select your TiVo DVR listed in the TiVo DVRs area.
  3. Select a show from the list.
  4. Click on Start Transfer.

Details on the transfer are available by selecting Active Transfers


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