How to erase a CD-RW DVD-RW disc

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  1. Open Creator Classic
  2. Insert your Re-writable disc into your CD/DVD recorder and wait about 10 seconds for the PC to recognize the disc.
  3. Click on Tools and select Disc and Device Utility (EMC 7) or Erase Disc (EMC 8 & 9).
    • EMC 7: Click on the Erase/Format button. You will have the option to chooseQuickErase or Full Erase.
    • EMC 8 & 9: Choose Quick Erase or Full Erase
  4. Click on the Red button to begin the erase process.

Once the disc has been erased the progress meter will go to 100% and you will be able to click on the Close button. Your Re-writable media is now erased.


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