Improving Creator and Easy VHS to DVD performance

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  1. Please be sure that you have met the system requirements Creator 2011, Creator 2010, Creator 2009, Easy VHS to DVD, Easy Media Creator 10, Easy Media Creator 9.
    • Defragment your hard drive. This will allow larger files that you have created to be more easily read by the program and allow more efficient writing of data for video and audio capture to your hard drive. To do this:
      • Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter.
      • In the Disk Defragmenter window, select the drive (a.k.a. volume) you wish to defragment.
      • Note the Free Space column. If you have less than 10% free space available you may run into issues defragmenting. Additionally, the drive is too full to capture any new media to it. Doing so may result in the hard drive crashing and data loss. Unless more free space can be safely made, it is recommended that you purchase an additional hard drive just for your multi-media projects.
      • Click the Defragment button.

        NOTE: If frequently using your computer for recording and editing audio and video, defragmenting your hard drive on regular basis (about once a month) is recommended.
    • Contact your video card manufacturer for the latest video card drivers. If you purchased your computer as a complete system (like Dell or HP), then go to the manufacturer's website for the latest drivers.

      If you purchased your video card separately, then you will need to find out your make and model and go to the video card manufacturer's website to download.
      • Windows XP: Go to My Computer and choose Properties.
      • Windows 7 and Vista: Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System and Maintenance ->Device Manager.
      • Click on the Hardware tab.
      • Select Device Manager
      • Double-click Display Adapters. You're video card make and model is displayed.
      • To find out the driver details (such as version), right click on the make and model underDisplay adapter, and select Properties.
    • If running Easy Media Creator for the first time, or it's been a while since you used it, RoxWatch will require a few minutes to index your hard drive for new audio, video, or photo files. This allows Media Manager to create a convenient list of all the files you can create projects with in a single window. Once the indexing is completed, Easy Media Creator will launch faster only looking for newer files. However, if you wish to disable this function, do the following:
      • Windows XP: Go to Start -> Run -> and then type "msconfig" and click OK.
        Windows 7 and Vista: Click on Start -> type "msconfig" in the Search field and pressEnter on your keyboard.)
      • In the System Configuration Utility window, select the Startup tab.
      • Locate RoxWatchTray10 (or whichever version you are using) under the Startup Itemcolumn and uncheck it.
      • Click Apply and then OK.
      • Reboot your machine.
      • On reboot, you will receive a dialog from the System Configuration Utility. Check the box at the bottom of the window requesting not to see the dialog again and click OK.
      • Launch Easy Media Creator.

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