Confirm Stream Loss - Roxio EMC Stream DATA error when copying to USB devices

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About tagging, metadata, and data streams:

However, if trying to copy a file which contains a data stream to a non-NTFS drive or USB storage device such as a USB thumb/flash drive, you may receive the following error message:

Confirm Stream Loss
The file "filename.avi" has extra information attached to it that might be
lost if you continue copying. The contents of the file will not be
affected. Information that might be lost includes:

:Roxio: EMC Stream:$DATA

Do you want to proceed anyway?

Choose "Yes" and only the tagged data will be removed from the file(s) as it is copied since tagged information can only be stored on NTFS partitions.

To stop tagging your files, right-click on the RoxWatch or Media Manager Services icon in your system tray and choose "Stop Watching Folders". If you have hidden the system tray icon, you can access these options in the Media Manager application.

More information on tagging, alternate or multiple data streams is available here.

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