"NTLDR is missing" at startup

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Please note: Make sure you have your Windows install disc before starting.

  1. Insert your Windows install disc (bootable) and restart the computer to boot from the disc.

Note: You may need to change your system BIOS (usually by hitting the ""Delete"" Key or one of the Function keys on top of your keyboard) to boot from CD-ROM.


Important: After installing Easy Media Creator 10, it is recommended to run software manager for any available updates to prevent the issue such as ""NTLDR is missing"" from re-occurring.

a. Install Easy Media Creator 10.
b. When prompted to restart your computer, click ÒNoÓ.
c. Go to Control Panel and then double click on Software Update.
Note: You may need to click ÒSwitch to Classic ViewÓ to find Software Update.
d. Place a checkmark on ÒRoxio Easy Media Creator 10.0 UpdateÓ and click Install.
e. Restart your computer after the patch installation is completed.

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