How to rip tracks from a CD to your hard drive with AudioCentral

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1. Open Audio Central.

2. Go to the "Tools" Menu and choose "Options".

3. Select the "Encoder" Tab and choose the format in the Audio Encoder section that you would like to save the tracks as *.MP3, *.OGG, *.WAV or *.WMA You can also select the Audio Format and Compression Settings on this tab.

4. Select the "Library" Tab.

a) In the Scan the following folders section there will be a default path to save the tracks to (Example: C:\\My Documents\\My Music).
b) If you would like, you can at this time click on "Add" and change this location.
c) Click on the "Apply" button and then choose "Ok".

5. Place your Audio CD into one of your cd-rom drives

6. Select the "View" menu and choose the "Track List View" then "CD/DVD Drives" option and the tracks will populate the right side of the screen.

7. Select the "File" Menu and choose "Copy Audio Tracks toLibrary".

8. You have now successfully ripped the tracks from the CD to hard drive.

Now go to the folder location you had selected to rip the tracks to and you should see the tracks in this folder.


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