Error- 1935 during installation

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This is a fairly general error and there are many different variables for it's occurrence. Some initial steps before following the suggestions below:

There are four potential causes for this issue, please perform each step list below in order, only continuing if the problem still exists upon completion of the last performed step.

1. Make sure to download and install the latest Windows Installer update.

If you have Windows XP with Service Pack 2 then please skip this step as you already have the latest installer. If you are using previous versions of Windows XP or you are using Windows 2000 then please go to the following URL and install the the Windows Installer 3.0 update.
2. Install the latest .NET Framework installed in your computer.

Roxio does not use .net Framework, but several other services do. You can download this update from the following website:;displaylang=e
3. The Windows Installer has not released from a previous install.

Open Services, and Stop Windows Installer. Windows Installer, should be set in the Manual Selection, never Automatic.


4. Download and install the latest XML 4.0 update from Microsoft.

Open the following URL in your web browser:

On this page scroll to the bottom and click on the file "msxml.msi" to download the XML update. Make sure to save this file to a location on your hard disk such as your desktop.
Once the download has completed please locate and double click on the "msxml.msi" file to launch this update. Follow all of the on screen instructions and reboot your computer once the update has been applied.

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