How to edit video in Creator

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Adding photos and video clips:


  1. In the Add Content pane, click Add Photo/Video.

Trimming video clips:

  1. Right-click on a video clip in theProduction Editor pane and select Trim.

Adding transitions, overlays and video effects:

  1. In the Add Content pane, select Add Transition, Add Overlay or Add Video Effect.

Changing between Storyline and Timeline view:

  1. In the Production Editor pane, click Storyline or Timeline.

    Tip: When you are in the Timeline view, you can choose the Timeline options from the View menu (Zoom In, Zoom Out, Tracks, or Snap Objects).

Working with markers in Timeline view:

Markers allow you to easily skip to a selected position in the movie. You can also use markers to define the beginning and end of a section to be deleted.

  1. To add a marker to your movie:
    • Move the playback head to the position at which you want to add the marker, either by dragging, or using the Preview controls.
    • On the Timeline marker track, click '+' (plus).

Automatic video color correction:

  1. Select your video clip in the Production Editor pane.

Outputting your production in different formats:

  1. SelectFile -> Output As.


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