Complete uninstall instructions for Creator 2011 2012 NXT

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Users should always try to remove Roxio Creator 2011/2012 from Control Panel in Windows.

Windows 7 and Vista: Start button > Control Panel > Programs and Features

Windows XP: Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs

The solutions below should only be tried if you encounter installation issues after you have removed Roxio Creator using the uninstall options in Windows:

The Creator 2011 System Cleaner should only be used as a last resort and will work with Creator 2011, Creator 2012, Creator 2012 Pro, Creator NXT, & Creator NXT Pro. Please read the instructions carefully to ensure the Creator 2011 System Cleaner works properly.

To use the System Cleaner:

  1. Stop any Roxio installation or program processes.


  1. Download and install the Creator 2011 System Cleaner here. After downloading, unzip the C2011_CleanSystem.bat file to the folder where the installer files are extracted to in Step 2. It should be in the same folder as the Creator 2011 setup.exe file.


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