How to create AVCHD on DVD or a Blu-Ray disc in Creator

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Before connecting your AVCHD camera, be sure the driver for your camera is installed on your PC, if needed. This driver comes with the camera, and is not supplied by Roxio.

The instructions below describe how to import AVCHD files from your AVCHD compatible camcorder via MyDVD. Alternately, you canÊimport your videos directlyÊby launchingÊRoxio Media ImportÊfrom Capture Video in the Video - Movies tab.

Note: The Blu-Ray plug-in is not needed to import AVCHD files or create AVCHD discs, but is required if you owna Blu-Ray burner and wish to create Blu-Ray disc using Blu-Ray media.

  1. Connect your camera and close any Windows dialog messages.
  2. Select Create DVDs Ð Advanced in the Video Ð Movies tab in Roxio Creator. This will launch MyDVD.
  3. Select AVCHD Project in the Please select the project type window.
  4. In the Menu Tasks pane, select Capture/Import to open Roxio Media Import.
  5. In the Roxio Media Import window, you will see the movies on your AVCHD camera on the left.
  6. Choose where you want to save your files on your computer by clicking the Browse button and navigating to the folder where you want your files imported to.
  7. Select the movies you want to import and click the Import Now button. Once imported, they will appear on the right.

Note: If you Export to a file or send to a portable device, be sure to check the Combine all tracks into one file including transitions box or the beatmatching transitions will be lost.


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