[Legacy] Audio input not detected with Roxio USB capture device

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This article references device drivers or patch updates that are obsolete. Installing these drivers or patches on current systems may cause system instability or corruption.


The issue was resolved by latest updates for Creator 2009 or Roxio Easy VHS to DVD. Please go to our Software Updates page to download the latest updates for your Roxio product.

Be sure Video Capture USB is plugged into directly into you laptop or the back of your desktop PC when the update is installed. Plugging the capture device into the front of your computer, a USB hub, or extension port could interfere with detection and installation.

If the update doesn't resolve the issue, please read the article Resolving common capture issues with the Roxio Video Capture USB device.

Finally, be sure that you have the connected your audio cables per the instructions in the Easy VHS to DVD Getting Started Guide.

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