ATI Stream and NVIDIA CUDA support with Roxio Products

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Currently, only Creator 2009 and higher offers CUDA and ATI Stream support on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. CUDA technology helps improve rendering and transcoding speed to edit and encode your video. In many cases, a simple video card driver update will enable ATI Stream or NVIDIA CUDA support for compatible video cards.

Not all video cards and their drivers support ATI Stream or NVIDIA CUDA technology or available on all operating systems. Please visit your video card or computer manufacturer to determine if there are any ATI Stream or NVIDIA CUDA enabled drivers available for your video card.

Also, ATI Avivo installation is required for ATI Stream support on ATI video cards. ATI Stream or NVIDIA CUDA technology requires compatible video cards and drivers together. Video cards that do not have Stream or CUDA support cannot be upgraded via drivers to do so.

Compatible Cards

NVIDIA CUDA supported cards can be found at NVIDIA's site here.

ATI Stream supported cards and drivers:

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