My first backup is taking a long time

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It is normal for your first backup to take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how much data you have to back up.

With a home DSL or Cable connection you can back up about 2.5 GB per (24-hour) day. That's because Cable and DSL connections transmit data (e.g., upload your backup to BackOnTrack Online) much more slowly than they receive data (e.g., download pages from a website). Future backups will happen very quickly since, after your first backup is done uploading, BackOnTrack Online will only transmit new and modified files to keep your backup up to date.

Note that BackOnTrack Online works at top speed when your computer is idle and intentionally limits its Internet connection usage while you're actively using your computer in order to avoid slowing you down. In order to finish your first backup as quickly as possible, we strongly recommend that you leave your computer on overnight until your first backup is complete.

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