Error Message 800700e,8004520c,80040154,80004005 while encoding menu

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This error is generally related to your video card and its compatibility. Roxio Creator is compatible with nearly all current video cards. However, please verify:

  1. Your video card drivers are up to date. Contact your video card manufacturer for the latest video card drivers. If you purchased your computer as a complete system (like Dell or HP), then go to the manufacturer's website for the latest drivers.

    If you purchased your video card separately, then you will need to find out your make and model and go to the video card manufacturer's website to download.
  1. The video card is DirectX 9 compliant. DirectX 9 is required for many encoding and decoding tasks. Please check with your video card manufacturer to ensure DirectX 9 compatibility.


  1. If you already have the latest video card driver, try switching Render mode:


  1. Launch MyDVD.
  2. Go to Tools -> Options.
  3. If Render using is set to Hardware, switch it to Software. Or vice versa.
  4. Close and re-launch MyDVD. Open the saved project and try to burn again.


  1. Remove any custom files used in the menu or try a different menu style.

Easy Media Creator 8

In addition to the Easy Media Creator 9 steps listed above, there is a patch for Easy Media Creator 8 users that will correct this error if the proper video card and updates do not.

NOTE: This patch will only work for Easy Media Creator 8.

Please close any running instances of VideoWave or MyDVD and then download and install the following hotfix:

Once the installation is complete you may should launch MyDVD and try to burn your project again.

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