Sense Key and Code error for PC Products

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Here are some common things you can do to avoid them:

  1. Update your drive's firmware. Most companies regularly update their firmware and drivers.
  2. Change your media. Switch to a different brand of media, or try a different piece from the same batch. Most DVD/CD writer manufacturers have recommended media for their burners. Check with the manufacturer of the drive to see what brands they recommend.
  3. Lower your burn speed to 1X or lowest setting.
  4. Make sure buffer underrun prevention is turned on, if your drive supports it.
  5. Save your project to a disc image file. This is a great way to test your project for any errors that may arise before burning to disc.
  6. Use a different recorder. If a recorder is consistently giving errors, it may be failing. Trying to burn your disc on another computer or another recorder may help isolate the issue.
  7. Do less on your computer while burning, such as copying files or other processor intensive tasks. Also, do not do any file activity that would attempt to modify the underlying source files while preparing the disc or recording it.


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