Cineplayer will not play discs

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There are some basic steps you can do to ensure that your DVDs/VCDs playback more smoothly.


  1. Update your firmware for your DVD-ROM drive/burner.This document lists the firmware pages for the most popular DVD drives as well as directions on how to locate your firmware version and drive model number. Roxio/Sonic doesn't recommended that you use firmware from anywhere but the manufacturer's website.
  2. The media. If you burned the DVD yourself, make sure you used media that is recommend by the burner you burned it with, or the player you are using to playback. Most DVD-ROM/burners will note the best recordable media to use in their equipment.
  3. Cleanliness. Check the disc for any scratches or dirt. When cleaning, remember to start from the center of the disc and wipe straight out, not in a circular pattern.
  4. If your drive is external, make sure it is connected directly to the computer via USB/Firewire and not a hub or other other device like a sound card.


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