Drive does not recognize media

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When you drive does not recognize media, try the following.

1. Be sure that your media is clean, unused, and the recommended media from your burner's manufacturer. Try a different brand, preferably a name brand, if you continue to have problems. Also, check your burner or computer's manual to see what brand and type of media is recommended for the burner. Most companies have specific preferences.

2. Update your drive's firmware/drivers. Most drive manufacturers regularly update their firmware and drivers. You can find out the firmware version for your drive by launching Roxio Home:
If you do not have Roxio Home available, please read the article Updating Firmware for CD/DVD Burners.

Click on Start --> All Programs --> Easy Media Creator 8 (or 9) --> Home.
Go to Tools --> Disc Information.
The manufacturer & model as well as firmware revision would be shown on the right side.

3. Download and install the latest PX Engine.


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