What is the difference between Roxio PhotoShow and Roxio PhotoShow Premium Service?

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Roxio PhotoShow is a web service that lets you share photos and videos with friends and family by creating PhotoShows Ð slideshows with music, captions, animated graphics, transitions, and effects. You can organize and watch your PhotoShows using your personal web page, a unique URL for your content that you can share.The Roxio Online basic service is free.

Roxio PhotoShow Premium Service subscribers (purchase required) also get the Roxio PhotoShow desktop application which has many complimentary features in addition to the Roxio Online service. You can create PhotoShows either on Roxio Online or using the Roxio PhotoShow application.

In the Roxio PhotoShow desktop app, you can also:

Note: Shows created in the Roxio PhotoShow application will be saved to your computer as PhotoShow files. They will not automatically upload to Roxio PhotoShow. The Post and Link option in the Share tab enables you to upload your show.

There are varying solutions to resolve Toast or Popcorn not launching properly or at all. Please try the steps in order.

For steps that require an action, such as an download or installation, be sure to do so when Toast or Popcorn is not active in the Dock. After you have applied the action (like installing an update), try to launch the application. If you really want to be safe, reboot the machine after each action.

  1. Confirm you have applied the latest updates to your version of the Mac OS your OS to the most current version by selecting Software Update in the Mac OS System Preferences.
  2. Please be sure that your operating system and the system requirements for your copy of Toast or Popcorn are matched. Please refer below for system requirement information:

    System Requirements for Toast
    System Requirements for Popcorn
    Mac OS X Leopard compatibility with Roxio products
  1. Confirm you have the latest Toast or Popcorn updates from our Software Update page.


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