Burned VCD SVCD and or DVDs do not play

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  1. Software Updates.

Roxio provides updates to available software products in attempt to improve the product once it has been released to the public. Updates for your Roxio software may improve compatibility with set top DVD players. Software updates should be applied when available and can be downloaded from our Software Update page.

Just as Roxio releases software updates to improve the functionality of software, CD and DVD drive manufacturers make updates available to improve the drive by adding features or making corrections.
If you purchased a brand name system that included a recordable drive, you should check the website of the computer vendor to see if there are firmware updates available.
If you purchased the drive as a standalone unit, check the website belonging to the drive manufacturer for such updates.
WARNING: Roxio takes no responsibility for any damage that occurs to your system or drive as a result of the firmware being updated. Please read all instructions and warnings included with any firmware updates.

Not all set top DVD players can read recordable media. This means that even though your DVD player can play movies you purchase in a store, it may not have the capability of playing a CD you record on your computer. Some players can read some types of media, but not others. This means one DVD player may play a VCD movie on CD-R but may not be able to play DVD-R media. For accurate information on the capabilities of your set top DVD player, consult the user manual or manufacturer. If you are not able to find this information, you may wish to do so on the Internet.
If you are not able to find specific information on your drive, the following website is provided as a courtesy:


This website allows you to search for your specific model of DVD player and read the experiences of other owners with these players. Please note this site is not in any way related to Roxio. Roxio is not responsible for any of the content or information provided.

Set top DVD players playing recordable media is not an exact science. In many cases you will want to try different brands of recordable media. It is possible and happens quite often that a specific model of set top DVD player will not read certain brands of media correctly. If you have verified that your DVD player is capable of playing the type of project you have created, you may wish to try recording the project on similar disc from a different manufacturer.


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