Roxio Secure Burn Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Roxio Secure Burn and how does it work?
Roxio Secure Burn provides the option of encrypting the files when they are burned to the disc.Ê When you click on the burn button in Roxio Burn, a dialog opens and prompts you to enter a password.Ê In addition to the user selected files, special ÔreaderÕ files will be burned to the disc.Ê These ÔreaderÕ files will allow you to read the files from the disc by entering the password.

When you insert the burned disc in a drive to read it, the reader application should launch automatically as an AutoPlay option, and prompt you to enter your password.Ê If it doesnÕt, you can use explorer to open the disc and launch it from the disc itself.Ê The reader applet is in the Roxio Burn folder on the disc and is called RoxioBurnReader.exe.

Is encryption forced?Ê Are all discs burned with Roxio Secure Burn encrypted?
Encryption is optional in the base configuration of Roxio Secure Burn.Ê If a customer requires forced encryption, a configuration can be created that supports this.

Is there a way to prevent users from using other software or even the Windows OS to write data discs, so that use of encryption cannot be circumvented?
Roxio software is not designed to disable alternative burning options, as this can cause unwanted side effects in the operating system.Ê Employees need to be educated in best data security practices, such as using Roxio Secure to encrypt discs.

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