GDIPlus.dll Issues and Resolutions for Sonic products

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Your security or anti-virus software has detected that Sonic's version of GDIPlus.dll is old or a security threat.


The GDIPlus.DLL file is used by Windows and other applications to manipulate 2D graphics, specifically JPEG images. An exploit was discovered where if a malicious JPEG file was posted on a web site and you viewed that site with Internet Explorer, your system could become infected.

A patch for this issue can be found here.

Regardless if you own a Roxio or Sonic product, the following precautions should be followed::

  1. Run Windows Update (Launch Internet Explorer -> Tools-> Windows Update) and make sure you have installed all updates. Specifically, make sure that you have installed the update labeled "Microsoft GDI+ Detection Tool (KB873374)". This will update the GDIPlus.DLL file in the C:\Windows\System32 directory, which is the location that Sonic products check in Windows XP. In Media Center Edition computers, there maybe an additional version of this .dll in C:\WINDOWS\ehome\CreateDiscand should be replaced as well.

This issue has been fixed in later versions of Roxio software.


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