Exporting DVD clips to YouTube with Popcorn

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Exporting video from non-encrypted DVDs to YouTube is an extremely simple process. Be sure to have your YouTube username and password available before beginning.

To export your DVD clips to YouTube:

  1. Insert your DVD.
  2. Launch Popcorn.
  3. Click the Convert in the upper left corner. Your DVD will appear in the Read From pull down menu.
  4. Click the Options button. Here you can choose which video and audio you want convert from your DVD:
    • All will convert the entirety of the DVD.
    • Main will convert just the main title, but not the extras.
    • Custom allows you to choose which clips you want to convert and selectively convert which audio tracks by clicking on the speaker icon on the right.
  5. Click the Red Convert button.
    • In the Player Setup window:
    • Choose YouTube in the Device pull-down menu.
    • In the Quality drop-down, select Standard orHigh quality for your conversion.
    • In Save-To, select where you want to save a copy of your converted files.
    • Click the Convert button.
    • In the YouTube window:
        • Next to Account, click the Add button. A window will open for you to enter your YouTube Username and Password and agree to YouTube's Terms of Use.
    • Select the Category that your video belongs to.
    • Add a short description of your video in the Description box.
    • Add any tags that describes your video in the Tags box.
    • Click the Upload button to begin uploading your video(s). Popcorn will first convert your video(s) then upload them to YouTube. Once the video has been uploaded, Safari will launch and prompt you to sign into your YouTube account where you make changes to your video(s).


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