Roxio Secure Burn FAQ’s

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Roxio Secure Burn FAQ’s


What devices can I encrypt data on?

What is the level of encryption?

Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise uses FIPS 140-2* certified encryption and password protection. This meets government and industry security standards to ensure your intellectual property and private customer information are secure. Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise also encrypts and decrypts with 256-bit AES encryption and supports the SHA-2 standard for verification .

*FIPS 140-2 is a U.S. government security standard used to accredit cryptographic modules used in computers and software. Roxio Secure Burn uses the FIPS 140-2 certified encryption module from Microsoft.

Can I create a standard password?

Yes you can create a standard password depending on the version of Roxio Secure Burn you are working with. In the Enterprise version, often administrators enforce passwords - please refer to this guide video:
In the other versions, users are able to set unique password - please refer to this guide video:

Can I append media to my device?

Yes, you can append data to USB drive with encryption.  In the Enterprise version, by default your data discs (CD,DVD,BD) will be closed after burning data.  For more information please refer to this guide video :



Can I create different groups to manage?

Roxio Secure Burn makes it easy to put your employees into groups to manage their level of encryption, and settings required - this means you can also create group passwords and more! To manage groupings, please refer to this guide video :

Can I control the permission controls offered in Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise?

Yes, you can customize settings to be compliant with your organization's security requirements.  Manage and set these controls with the Permission Manager tool.  Here is a list of some of the things you can control:

Write with RSB onlyFor more information, please refer to the guide videos:

Can I force encryption?

Yes. You can force encryption when users are saving to disc or removable media.  This is managed in the Permissions Manager tool - you can even create groups to manage your employees encryption requirements.  Generally, users will be forced to have a Password in Enterprise version, please refer to this guide video:

Can I log burning activity?

Yes. You can log and go back and preview all burning activity done on each computer.  Please refer to this guide video:

Changes I have made in the Permission Manager tool are not working.

When you changed any settings in the Permission Manager, please restart Roxio Secure Burn in order to ensure your changes have been applied.

I am having difficulties locating the logging path in the Permission Manager.

If you can't select the network path from the drop down selection tool, you can directly type the path in the textbox. UNC paths are supported.


How do I set a master password for groups?

You can create a group with a master password to encrypted data on a disc or USB drive  When a user decrypts data using the master password, the user will join the group automatically  Then the user can encrypt data from the same group and master password, and can read any encrypted data created by same group with same master without being requested to enter the master password.

PS: The Master password and it’s group setup does not require the Permission Manager tool, you just need to input your group name and password in the password setup dialog box which appears when you click 'Burn’ button.

How to setup the Permission Manager settings for end-users? (different PCs or different user account on the same PC) - Step by Step

Step 1: Log into an Administrator account and launch Permission Manager to change the settings as below, then press Apply, and OK to leave Permission Manager. Now this current user (Administrator) can run RSB with the settings

  1. Click [New] to create a new Group and name the group
  2. Select “Burn non-encrypted disc”
  3. Click Apply
  4. Click OK

Step 2: Now, start to deploy the above settings to the other users

  1. Find the WorkGroupID in the Registry Editor of the Administrator.  Run "regedit.exe" to launch the Registry Editor and go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Roxio\Basic Burn\Preference", copy the value of "WorkGroupID", like "{EFA2CC54-F94B-4253-B2BE-D7B67CCD3F82}" to a txt file, and copy the txt file to “D:\RSB Deployment” where it can be accessed by other user account(s).
  2. Find the "RBPermission.grp" that was created by the Administrator, type %appdata% into the File Explorer address bar to open the folder "C:\Users\%current user%\AppData\Roaming” and go to the “Roxio\Roxio Burn\PermissionManager” folder and copy the RBPermission.grp file to “D:\RSB Deploy”
  3. Copy GenWorkGroupID.exe from C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio\Roxio Burn Administration\ to D:\RSB Deploy
  4. Log in as the user and run the following command line in a Command Prompt window:  D:\RSB Deploy\GenWorkGroupID.exe {EFA2CC54-F94B-4253-B2BE-D7B67CCD3F82}  C:\PM\RBPermission.grp  (Substitute the GUID here with the one generated in Step 2 #1
  5. After running the command line above, there is a now a RBPermission.grp file in  %appdata%\ Roxio\Roxio Burn \PermissionManager\
  6. Please reboot the PC and run Roxio Secure Burn, open Option panel, “Force password protection…” is enabled and checked
  7. Drag Drop files to Roxio Secure Burn and click Burn Now button, you will see the below dialog box, you can burn without setting a password.

NOTE: above steps you need to copy the WorkGroupID, RBPermission.grp and GenWorkGroupID.exe to every PCs you want to deploy.

There is another way to deploy the settings without copying the both files to every PCs. You can put the GenWorkGroupID.exe and RBPermission.grp in a shared folder of a PC and enable access right for every users, then run the below command line in every user accounts, which no need to copy files to every user accounts.

- \\%PC shared folder%\GenWorkGroupID.exe {FE0E0959-988D-4e93-BE62-FD681B093BA3} \\%PC shared folder%\RBPermission.grp


What deployment systems does Roxio Secure Burn support?


 Active Directory Group Policy:

 There are two methods to deploy via Group Policy:

Note: When deploying through Group Policy, use the Group Policy options (Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Scripts) to set the Maximum wait time for Group Policy scripts to 0.

When we deploy a .grp file to say a network and register it to the various users.  If I make a change to the .grp file and save it does this get pushed to the user?

There is a grp file is in %appdata%\Roxio\Roxio Burn\PermissionManager\ that take effect. If users change the grp file in the network which used for deploying, you need to re-deploy it.

Windows & Roxio Secure Burn Compatibility.

Roxio Secure Burn is compatible with Windows Server 2008, 2012R2 and 2016, as well as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10


Is there a limit to the number of seats I can purchase?

There are no limits to the number of seats you can purchase. You can even easily add and remove seat throughout your licensing contract. Contact your sales representative or to learn more today.

What industries are currently using Roxio Secure Burn?

Why does my business need Roxio Secure Burn?

Roxio Secure Burn supports powerful encryption features, which assist you to secure your intellectual property, customers’ sensitive data and more on removable media (disks, USB drives etc). The cost of lost media far outweighs the cost of licensing Secure Burn.

Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise vs. consumer burning software.

With Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise you have administrator access to control the encryption controls on your systems network - so you can ensure all removable media is secured. With our Permission Manager tool you can set Read/Write capabilities on PC, and also able to set default pre-defined password and ensure every members of same group to use it.


Installation question

When the installation cannot be proceeded well, please check if the C++ redistributable package from Microsoft is installed.

Unknown error happen when encrypting/burning data

When unknown encrypting data error happening, please try to disable "Always compress data when encrypting" and try again

This case might happen when restoring your encrypted data to local hard disk.

When you are trying to restore the encrypted data from disc or USB drive to local hard disk, there is a message shows up to inform you the file cannot be restored successfully. When encountering this message, please check if there is any anti-virus application is working

Please ensure your hard disk space is enough when restoring data.

When you are trying to restore the encrypted data from disc or USB drive to local hard disk, RSB will check if the local hard disk available space is over 3 times of the encrypted data

My external harddrive is not showing up, or is showing up as a local disk.

Roxio Secure Burn supports external hard drives - here is the detail logic of the which drives will be show:

  1. If the device type is removable, it can show in Roxio Secure Burn
  2. Some USB connected drive will show as local disk, this based on how Windows detect the device, per our testing, some USB connected devices will be show as local disk. If the device type is local disk, then check the device instance path. If the path contains USBSTOR, the prefix for most USB thumbs. So if the hard disk is connected by hard disk, and it's detected as a local disk by Windows, it will not show.

This is known issue when users decrypt the discs or USB drive that are encrypted by RSB4 in the machine only installed RSB3

The reason is when the PC only has RSB3, when users decrypt data, it will use RSB3 to decrypt data, but if the data was encrypted by RSB4, RSB3 cannot decrypt RSB4's encrypted data well. The solution is to install RSB4 in the PC. or please contact the customer support to have the latest Patch of RSB3 to fix this issue.

There are some settings in Options are greyed and not-changeable, like " Always close DVD disc" , "Enable log", "Access only the data encrypted with Roxio Secure Burn"… How can I change these settings?

If you are IT administrator, you should install the Permission Manager tool and change these settings in Permission Manager tool.If you would like to deploy the settings to the other users who have no Permission Manager tool installed, you should refer to above item(How to setup these settings of Permission Manager to end-users ? (different PCs or different user account in same PC) - Step by Step) to deploy the settings to the other users

"Always close DVD disc" is not just for DVD-R/+R disc, it also can apply to BD-R/+R disc.

Why there are 2 GUI of RSB, one has the caption (Window), another one does have

When you encountered some issues and would like to report to Corel Customer Support, you can generate the debug log to speed up issue resolved.

Please follow the guide to generate log files and send to Customer Support :



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