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The Burn Setup dialog appears after you click the Roxio Burn button to burn from your media library or playlists to disc. After selecting your burn setup options in this dialog, clicking OK starts the burn process. The Burn Setup options are described below.

Disc Format:
Choose a format type based on the amount of audio you want the disc to contain and the capabilities of the player that you will use to play the disc.

Normal Audio CD (Redbook):
When this format is selected, your audio is transcoded to standard CD audio format. Choose this format for an audio CD playable in standard audio CD players.
Note: In general, CD-R discs are more compatible and playable on consumer home and car disc players than CD-RW (CD ReWritable) discs. For information about disc compatibility, check the specifications for your home or car disc player.

Audio Data Disc (MP3, WMA, etc.):
Choose this format for a data-based disc containing a copy of your selected audio files.
Note: When burning an audio data disc, your digital audio files are copied to disc without changing the file formats. To ensure compatibility with your audio data disc player, check that the format of the files that you are burning are playable by your audio disc player. Refer to the tracks filename extensions in your media library to determine file format and, if necessary, convert the files to a compatible file format before burning to an audio data disc.

Select the drive letter of the disc burner.

Write Speed:
Select a write speed up to the speed capacity of your disc burner and recordable media. Depending on the performance of your computer and the burner, you may need to select a speed lower than the burners maximum speed capacity.

Write CD-Text:
This option is available only with Audio CD (Redbook) format the Disc-at-Once record method. When option is selected, artist, album title, and track title data (based on track tag information associated with the tracks in the AudioCentral Media Library) is written to the disc. CD-Text data can only be displayed with players and disc drives that are CD-Text capable.

Buffer Underrun Protection:
This feature helps prevent buffer underrun failures that may occur due to system performance issues. If your burner supports this option, ensure that this is selected.

Record Options:
These options let you immediately start the recording process, test the record process only (for example, to verify that your settings work in a modified system configuration), or test then record.

Record Method:


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