Windows Media Player not compatible at start up of older Sonic software

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  1. The first reason maybe that you have an older version of Windows Media Player (pre-WMP 9) installed. So far there have been no issues with MyDVD 6 or DVDit! 5 and WMP 10. Any issues that arise have been addressed in a future releases.
  2. RecordNow interacts with the WMP when creating audio discs to extract audio track information. Installing WMP 10 where an older version of RecordNow exists will display an error that your WMP version is incorrect and the CD lookup function will not extract the track information.

Please download and install the patch appropriate for your version of RecordNow.

To turn this message off, you can go into Record Now, click on the wrench in the top right hand corner, then select Audio, and turn off the Enable CD information lookup. You won't get this message any more.


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