Resolving common capture issues with the Roxio Video Capture USB device

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  1. Make sure that your computer is up to proper operating specifications by following the steps in the article"Improving Creator performance". This article applies to Easy VHS to DVD and WinOnCD as well.
  2. Be sure the drivers for the Roxio Video Capture USB device have been installed properly per the article"Roxio Video Capture USB for Roxio Easy VHS to DVD is not recognized".
  3. The Roxio Video Capture USB device requires a USB 2.0 connection. The best way to tell if the computer has USB 2.0, is to:
    • Right-clickMy Computer
    • Click on Properties.
    • Click on theHardwaretab.
    • Click on the Device Manager button.
    • Scroll down as needed until you see Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
    • Expand that by clicking on the boxed plus sign in front of Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
    • Somewhere in that list should be a driver that says "Enhanced" meaning it's USB 2.0.
  4. Each of those drivers does not represent each one of the USB ports, so the "Enhanced" covers all available ports. However, ports on the front of a computer can be connected to a different part of the motherboard and may have a different specification reducing transfer speed.
  5. If you do not see the "Enhanced" USB 2.0 driver, you may need to visit your computer or motherboard manufacturer's website to verify that your computer came with USB 2.0 to begin with. If it did and you still don't see it, the manufacturer may have a driver available for download.
  6. Avoid using a USB extension cable from the device to your computer. This will reduce the signal strength and may result in a poor capture. Also, using a USB hub or USB extension cable can reduce your signal strength causing a weak signal which can result in poor capture quality. Preferably, plug the device directly into the back of the computer.
  7. If you are using Plug and Burn, try using the Capture Video option in the Video-Movies tab instead. Your computer may not have the resources to handle both capturing then switching to burning as well. Also, Plug and Burn is not recommended for audio-only capture.
  8. Make sure the tapes you are trying to record from are of good quality. Tapes that are too old or low quality can create a variety of capture errors which is described in the article "Signal Protected message when capturing video".


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