What is Recover Mode

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If you transfer your BackOnTrack Online subscription to a new PC or if you replace the hard drive on your old PC, BackOnTrack Online will start up in Recover Mode.

Recover Mode essentially freezes your backup so that you can restore your files; it prevents BackOnTrack Online from thinking that you have deleted all your files and wish to delete them from your backup. Once you have restored your backed up files to your new/repaired PC, BackOnTrack Online automatically exits Recover Mode and begins to back up your new files.

When BackOnTrack Online is in Recover Mode, the lock icon in the system tray turns blue with a red cross, and an alert is displayed in the InfoCenter to advise you that backup has been suspended. You may discontinue Recover Mode by de-selecting Recover Mode on the InfoCenter's 'Set Options' tab. You can keep BackOnTrack Online in Recover Mode for as long as you need to, but your backup will not be updated while you are in Recover Mode.


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