Tracking your Roxio eStore order

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There are two ways to find out your shipment or tracking status of your Roxio eStore order. This information only applies to physical purchases and not downloads.

You will receive two emails from our eStore after purchase. The first will be your Order Confirmation receipt and the second will be your Shipment Confirmation receipt. If you purchased an physical version of our software (like a DVD installer instead of a download) you may also receive a DVD Shipment Notification email. Generally, it will take 1-2 business days for your order to ship, but usually 1 day.

Order Confirmation Receipt

You can check your shipping status - or tracking information once shipped - anytime by going HERE. You will need your order number and password -OR- your the email address and last four digits of your credit card to make the purchase.

Shipment Confirmation Receipt

Again, you should receive this receipt within 1-2 days of ordering your Roxio product. Your Shipment Confirmation receipt will have a portion of what is being shipped and will have a tracking number next to it.*

DVD Shipment Notification

This email will have the shipping carrier name and tracking number so you can track your order.

International Orders

Shipping time outside of the U.S.A. takes longer due to customs requirements. Generally international orders (including Canada) can take 10-21 business days and there is no tracking number for USPS International orders. Using a private carrier, such as DHL, will help expedite an international shipment and allow tracking of the package.

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